Hitting the Road?

I have enjoyed being on the road but even though I’m just beginning, I have already learned some things. Other people fly to anywhere nowadays that you may reflect the typical American road tour has been forgotten.  But that is not the case. Although it does appear that the On the Road experience of having a vehicle and going there because you need to is on the decline, figures have shown that many Americans than before, are going on road journeys for family visits and holidays, even if seemingly, for more recurrent but short tours.


And honestly, with airline client care indisputably in decline, most Americans would instead drive and not fly. I want you to benefit from your road trips and here are my top cross-country road trips for any of you that are considering hitting the road.


Wash the vehicle prior to and during the journey

Man wearing hat washing the car

Go on, leave the gum packages and napkins beneath the chair.  Leave your business related receipts in the glove box. Do not sweat the dog hair in the back bed and you will regret. Some days after the trip when the gum covers and attached with fresh fast meal covers, when the glove box begins to be filled with motel receipts and area maps, when the hair of the dog begins to stick to the luggage and the gear, you will regret the day you failed to purchase the shop vacuum for use.


As the trip goes on, take some time every few days to purge the vehicle of undesirable flotsam and jetsam. Although you may endure some chaos, the junk buildup and slight dirt will begin to make you crazy in the near stations that describe a road tour.


Inspect the car

Mechanic checking the car

Approximately a week to your extensive road tour, let the mechanic inspect the fluid levels, tires, brakes of the car and all that might trigger issues. Ensure the standby tire is completely inflated and you have got spare wiper fluid and jumper cords ready.


Have changeable plan


When you are driving substantial distances, interruptions are among the things that you should expect. Definitely, the typical Bridge Out symbol is an unusual detection nowadays, but the blinking Road Work Ahead, Merge to Single Lane, a note is not. You do not need to have perceived lots of Chevy Chase shows to recognize that things are not at all times going to be the way you want them to be.


In case you over-plan the road tour, you are nearly sure to get yourself trekking the final few miles even after you had planned to be sleeping, considering to call off a single restaurant booking so you may make payment for another fine small of your first arranged journey’s end.


Alternatively, having no plan completely is just recommended for the many strong feelings. On a journey via New England some years ago, our schedule was just to jerk over when we were exhausted to smash in an eatery; after three exits minus success, we eventually came to a halt at an area at which the forward-facing desk individual inquired if we were spending the entire night.

My Worst Enemy

My worst complaint on being on the road is low or flat tires. I want to remain mobile and that is why want to have a way I can blow up the tires when needed. If you have had a flat tire while traveling, you know what I mean when I say I need to remain mobile. It is not easy to get the best tire inflator from the market but I did some research and came up with some of them below. I usually review some of my preferred picks before I go shopping and that is why I’m sharing this review so this process can be easy for you.




This is the versatile inflator that you can use inflate your tires. The 2.2 SCFM helps in its fast recovery and the 135 PSI assists you to drive many nails. It features a vertical pancake reservoir that has a capacity of three gallons ensuring that you do fill the tires uninterrupted. This machine features an exceptional design that enhances its portability. The extension cable of this machine ensures that you have access to other wheels easily without any issues. It has a low Amp of 120 volts that assists the compressor to begin effortlessly regardless of the weather. It has an air dusting feature making it one of the best.



  • This machine is durable
  • It has a unique design
  • The machine is portable meaning you can take it anywhere you want
  • Setting the pressure gauge
  • It prevents overheating
  • The machine is affordable s compared to other machines
  • It starts easily even during cold weather




Viair 00088

Viair 00088

This is the machine to buy if you want one that you can use for your small SUV, ATV or trucks. Regardless of this, the machine is good for your distance journeys. It features a maximum working pressure of 120 pounds per square inch. This machine has LED power display that ensures that you can comfortably inflate your tires even when it is at night. The machine comes with a cord that is long enough to reach other parts of the vehicle for inflating. This ensures that you do not keep moving to inflate the wheels of the other side. This is the best 12v air compressor.



  • The unit is versatile and portable
  • There is no need to have a wall socket as the vehicles 12 volt is enough
  • Ideal for use at night
  • It can inflate up to three
  • It inflators tire fast than other inflators



  • It does not come with other accessories to use for other products




If you are shopping on a budget, this is the tire inflator you should get. It features an LCD display that assists you to view the digital air gauge, especially when inflating at night. The cord is extensive ensuring you can inflate tires without moving unnecessarily when inflating. When it comes to quality, this machine tops them all. It is made of quality materials that ensure that the unit lasts for a long time. The design of this machine ensures that it occupies less space. This means that even if you live in an area with little space, you can still use this machine and keep it there. It also means you will not feel its presence in your vehicle. Apart from that unit comes with a twenty-four-inch air hose that enables you to get access to all your tires. This is the best portable air compressor.



  • It is portable
  • It is user-friendly
  • This machine is portable
  • The extension cord is long
  • The hose enables to access all the tires for inflation
  • The unit takes little space



  • It is not ideal for weighty tires




When it comes to inflating tires, it is necessary that you have the right unit. The best one is the machine that you can take with you. I recommend that you purchase a unit that is durable. Even though it is hard to predict what happens in the future, it is vital to purchase a unit that has a digital display and light indicator so that you can easily do the inflation even at night. I already know what I will buy and I hope you too have chosen one. I can’t wait to see what you have chosen.

Taking Care of Them

I hate to change the tires so much that I have become a pro at tire maintenance. It is critical to care for your car and it is especially vital to care for the tires. A simple investment in tire maintenance can produce some important benefits. If you care for the tires, you will not have to change them so often and this may result in some huge cost savings in the life of your car.


Proper maintenance of the tire may as well improve fuel budget and energy productivity: this may as well yield major savings.


Moreover, caring for the tires is a guarantee of better traction and handling. This means it may enhance your safety and that of the passengers. Try these Basic steps you can take to take better care of your tires to have them last longer.


Here comes our question, what can you do as the owner of the vehicle to invest in maintenance of tire? Many tire maintenance tips go down to good practices and common sense.


Taking care of the tires


Perform regular inspectionWheel alignment picture


The tires are likely to tolerate harm or major deterioration minus you realizing it. At times, a noticeable is all you need to recognize that there is an issue. Start the habit of inspecting the tires regularly and also get a professional to check them not less than one times in a year.


Good air density

Hand holding tire pressure gauge

It is good to check the pressure of air rottenly. Driving minus the appropriate pressure may spoil performance most specifically in icy or wet weather. Keep in mind the cold climate is also what makes the pressure of the tire to vary rapidly. Each month, check the pressure of the tire and add some more air in as required. This ensures that you are always ready to go.


Be aware of the weight index


The tires are just meant to endure so much weight. You may refresh yourself on this by consulting with the manual or contacting the local car mechanic. Overfilling the tires may result in overheating and eventually to the damage of the tires.


Avoid driving too fast


The high velocities may actually hurt the tires in many ways. Just by controlling the speed a bit may extend the lifespan of your tires significantly.


Rotate the tires


For your to prevent unbalanced wear and tear on the tread of the tire, it is good to have them rotated once or two times in a year. You may want to do this when you to perform this when you take the car for regular care services like oil switch.


Make use of a spare tire


Whatever you perform, do not drive if the tire is damaged. In case you notice an issue with the tire, remove and change it with another standby tire. This is until you, or a professional has examined it.


Prioritize tire maintenance


This is another thing that goes down to- vigilance. Begin by just watching the tires, and by closely keeping an eye on the pressure frequently. Moreover, ensure you include maintenance of the tires on the regular car care services list. Having routine rotations and inspections may eventually save you much money and prevent the vehicle from damage while keeping the passengers secure.